[UPDATE] To Sprint, or not to sprint.

After crunching the numbers and reading all the comments, we can finally tell you how sprinting will work in Galaxy in Turmoil! Find out by watching the video below:


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"@Cosgrove360 Not as of this moment."
"Someone decided to leak a gif from a recent playtest, so we decided to embrace the leak and share it with you. :) https://t.co/cA4KA9hdWM"
"@Engi_Kirby Answer! Not as of yet, I'm afraid!"
"@JakeJozey Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future."
"@JakeJozey It's taking much longer than we'd have liked but it's definitely still coming!"
"@Dabomb555KD35 It's a possibility we're looking into. No promises yet however!"