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Developer Interview: Tartankiwi

author image by FWS Fergie | News | 0 Comments | 17 Aug 2016

In the second edition of our bi-weekly developer interview, our awesome community team took some time to sit down with Daniel Humpage, otherwise known as Tartankiwi – Creative & Art Director for Galaxy in Turmoil. (Pictured Above: Tartankiwi)   Tartankiwi,…

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"@1slychilla We currently do not have minimum specs available. We suggest checking out similar games made in Unreal… https://t.co/In8uaIk8mu"
"@canaviers The demo will only be available for PC. The full game however should be available on the PSN Store, once it has been released."
"@Chronafall @EmeraldRzrt Well, we certainly could, but we don't want to be a *crappy low budget* videogame trying t… https://t.co/yUV4pRlQjA"
"@EmeraldRzrt @Chronafall Lightsabers are part of the Star Wars intellectual property, so no."
"@Nick__Austin_k @canaviers Wait and see ;-)"
"@canaviers Bots and custom games are planned for the full game which would allow for similar scenarios."