Official Statement: Fact Check


Hello Frontwire Community!

I wanted to take a few moments to set the story straight regarding our relationship with Valve, as well as a few other things of note.

Firstly, some of my statements were taken out of context by many news agencies. However I can’t fully blame them as I did in fact use a poor choice of words in my prior statement about Steam. Valve has not, nor do they plan to (from my knowledge) officially support and/or endorse Frontwire Studios and/or Galaxy in Turmoil. When I initially made a statement regarding Valve going out on a limb and giving us a chance, it was just that. Valve did indeed give us a shot. They had no reason to agree to put us on Steam. They have no incentive as they receive no monetary compensation from our downloads.

At this time we have not spoken with Valve about the outcome of any potential legal ramifications due to the production and subsequent release of Galaxy in Turmoil. People seem to assume that because Valve has agreed to place us on Steam that we have some sort of backing from them and we are using them to circumvent EA/Disney. This is purely speculation and is 100% false. We gain nothing from Valve by releasing on Steam outside of a larger audience we can reach with our game.

Secondly, there are rumors circulating that I stated in an interview that “Disney would have to outlast us in a court battle”. While this is not 100% true, it is also not 100% false. I made that statement in an interview, however it has been taken out of context. In the interview in question I was asked if I am concerned with Disney winning a court case. My response was that Disney does not have to win a court case, they just have to outlast us monetarily with lawyer fees. In which case they could do within a matter of days as we are a microscopic spec in the terms of the size and monetary backing that Disney holds.

Third, people have stated that we lack a certain concern for the legal ramifications that could happen because of using the Star Wars IP without consent. This could not be farther from the truth. Our entire team is well aware of what could happen because of what we’re doing. Our law team has never once advised with 100% or even 60% certainty that we won’t be shut down. We have never been told that we fall under the Fair Use laws without a shadow of a doubt. Fair use is subjective based on the court. We know that, however we do believe we fall under the four fair use factors that are used to judge copyright infringement.

Finally, we’re not doing this for attention. The only reason we’ve announced the game publicly is because the community is what makes this project work. Every member of this team found us through someone else in the community sharing our project with their friends and family.

In addition, our goal has never been, nor will it ever be, to overshadow Electronic Arts or their Battlefront itself. We don’t want to steal their user base. That’s why in the event we are asked to stop production on Galaxy in Turmoil, we will try to negotiate a way to continue our project. We’re even open to potentially putting Galaxy in Turmoil behind EA’s paywall, making it mandatory to own a current copy of EA’s Battlefront in order to download our free version. As I write this statement, our team has reached out to Lucas Film/Disney’s licensing department not once, but twice, without receiving a response.

We are more than willing to negotiate a deal with EA and/or Disney directly. Even if that means finishing our game and then placing it under their control. Our development is not about us. It’s not about making a name for Frontwire. It’s about resurrecting the memories and feelings we all loved and cherished when we played the original two Battlefront games.

All this being said, we invite Disney or EA to reach out directly and contact us to work out a deal. They are free to contact me via my email We also invite any press that would like to get our story correct and not base their information off of hearsay to email us for a formal interview at

All the best,

Tony Romanelli
Frontwire Studios, LLC

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