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  • Galaxy in Turmoil News

    Looking for test bunnies!

    All beta slots have been filled. If you didn’t get chance to fill in an application, don’t worry! There’ll be other chances.

  • Galaxy in Turmoil News

    So… Where’s that demo?

    About that demo.. Sometime last year we made a post announcing our plans to release a demo during the third quarter of this year. Today was the last day of Q3 and a lot of you might be wondering what…

  • Galaxy in Turmoil

    GiT Casting Call

    We are currently looking for experienced voice actors to join the Galaxy in Turmoil cast. While this project is currently volunteer based, compensation is negotiable based on various factors such as brand recognition, experience, etc. However this project has the…

  • News

    Important Information – Goog...

    As you have probably heard, a Google Docs phishing attack started late yesterday(5/4). This was a sophisticated phishing scam, sent through Gmail and mimicking Google Docs, may have stolen information from thousands of Google accounts. Google has been quick to…

  • Galaxy in Turmoil

    Galaxy in Turmoil Developer Blog #...

    In our first video development blog for Galaxy in Turmoil, we talk about how a vague idea can go on to become a fully fledged 3D model. Discuss this video here:    

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