Development Changelog – January 2017

Developer Note: The features listed below may be changed and/or removed at any point in the development process.

Galaxy in Turmoil

Game Features

  • Implemented new menu
  • Implemented Sprinting (Community poll version)
  • Implemented C4 (Name pending)
  • Implemented proximity projectile launcher
  • Implemented multi-directional elevators
  • Implemented Pistol animations
  • Implemented rifle animations
  • Implemented death volume to kill a player when falling from a certain height
  • Implemented blast door feature
  • Implemented automatic respawn after “x” seconds
  • Implemented flashbang (name pending) launcher
  • Implemented combat-vaulting
  • Implemented final alpha assets for alpha-demo map.
  • Implemented EVA System
  • Implemented new vehicle system
  • Implemented new passenger system
  • Implemented new skeleton (GIT_SKEL_MANNEQUIN.uasset)
  • Implemented landing animations
  • Implemented shooting penalty when sprinting
  • Implemented new jetpack system
  • Implemented the ability to fire a rifle while using the jetpack
  • Implemented the ability to fire a pistol while using the jetpack
  • Implemented new jumping animation
  • Final implementation of Health & ammo packs
  • Added cached reference
  • Started synch testing & stress testing of projectiles
  • Started first testing on destructible environments

  • Polished the IK bones system
  • Updated how the player spawns
  • Changed zaxis kill
  • Updated player to support new animation graph
  • Player can no longer sprint while crouching
  • Deactivated IK Bones on EVA
  • Pistol sprinting 45º
  • Added more precision to the hit penalty

Bug Fixes
  • HOTFIX: PackLauncher now calls parent to solve any networking bug.
  • HOTFIX: Fixed an error where the wrong third person camera would be activated
  • HOTFIX:  Erasing stance swapping to enum style, modifying enum from GS
  • HOTFIX: Fixed elevator sync
  • HOTFIX: Various vehicle bug fixes
  • HOTFIX: Applying gamepad settings
  • HOTFIX: Prevented user from spamming the jump button to use the jetpack on ~0 fuel

Account System

This is the first implementation of the web-based user account system. An account will be required to be registered on this system in order for multi-player game access.
  • First implementation of user account system
  • Implemented user registration
  • Implemented confirmation email system
  • Implemented forgotten password system
  • Implemented the following pages: Dashboard, Account Settings, Player Stats
  • Implemented optional 2-factor authentication
  • Implemented the ability to link a players Steam account to their FWS account (Required for MP)

  • N/A

Bug Fixes
  • N/A

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