Development Changelog – February 2017

Developer Note: The features listed below may be changed and/or removed at any point in the development process.

Galaxy in Turmoil

Game Features

  • Implemented consistent shooting penalty
  • Implemented Jetpack Pistol animation
  • Implemented Jetpack Rifle animation
  • Implemented hands IK
  • Implemented sniper rifle animation
  • Added new turning animations
  • Implemented new ship system
  • Implemented homing missiles + SimpleTargeting
  • Implemented directional thrusters
  • Implemented Alpha character models
  • Added drop weapon mechanic
  • Implemented projectile launcher
  • Added projectile launcher animation
  • Implemented selection platforms to switch between EVA & Jetpack
  • Implemented new animations when on the junk bike
  • Implemented new intro video during game loading
  • Implemented new loading screen while loading a map
  • Implemented new session system
  • Implemented new versioning system
  • Implemented first iteration of in-game account/login system

  • Improved precision for hit penalty
  • Cleaned up overall ship controls
  • Changed interaction key to “F”
  • Increased TPS Sniper Zoom
  • Added new booster sounds for ships
  • Changed the elevator mesh
  • Overhauled the main menu
  • Ships now Count Kills if Passenger is killed in Ship or Vehicles
  • EVA now works in First Person & Third Person
  • Deactivated AimOffset for EVA system
  • Added restriction to only third person on player character (Temporary)
  • Removed the ability to cook grenades while in EVA mode
  • Added new ambient background sounds on the desert map
  • Ammo packs now restore grenades and 1/4 of the ammo amount of the EQUIPPED weapon
  • Added a little buffer on the grenades to avoid glitches on low fps-high ping
  • Grenades now have a market when throwing/cooking

Bug Fixes
  • HOTFIX: Erased shooting penalty due to various bugs
  • HOTFIX: Fixed a delay with the shooting penalty
  • HOTFIX: Fixed jumpblending
  • HOTFIX: Fixed mesh visibility on the jetpack
  • HOTFIX: Fixed a camera bug with EVA
  • HOTFIX: Fixed a bug with the proximity mine
  • HOTFIX: Fixed an issue with certain materials not having hit sounds/materials
  • HOTFIX: Fixed an issue where the ship HUD would stick to the player HUD if jumping out of a moving ship

Various notes
  • As of the latest update, when you run out of ammo in any weapon, you automatically switch to your primary weapon. Players are unable to switch back to the empty weapon until picking up an ammo box
  • We have now created dedicated server packages for community use and are in the testing phase

Account System

  • Implemented download/reward system
  • Implemented staff functionality
  • Implemented Single Sign On for the Community Forums

  • Merged all forum accounts to the account system
  • Changed various warnings & messages

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with sessions timing out on the forums but not the account system

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