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Developer Interview: EpicError

author image by FWS Lex | Dev Interview | 0 Comments | 30 Sep 2016

In this edition of our bi-weekly developer interview, our awesome community team took some time to sit down with Wayne Skorniewski, otherwise known as EpicError– Lead Level Designer for Galaxy in Turmoil.   (Pictured Above: EpicError)   What should we…

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"@EmeraldRzrt We're not making a SW game. GiT is set in a universe of our own creation, so all weapons and vehicles will be original!"
"@canaviers Soon, it's being worked on!"
"@canaviers Depends on how our crowdfunding campaign goes, that said game development doesn't happen overnight so it…"
"@canaviers Correct, the demo is PC only but the full game is also planned for release on the PS4."
"@canaviers Yup, we plan to bring the full game to Playstation as well!"